Concluded Programs and Projects

Concluded Projects

> The Power of Small Istrian Cities (from the 14th to the 18th century): L6-5555 [2013–2016]

> The Slovenes in Yugoslav Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Activities in the Period between 1941 and 1980: Outstanding Issues and Research Perspectives: J6-4112 [2011–2014]

> Position and Role of Slovenia in the Yugoslav State after World War II (1945–1991): J6-3634 [2010–2013]

> Freedom of Speech in Historical, Humanistic, and Social Horizons: J7-3629 [2010–2013]

> Arrests, Deportations, and Executions Perpetrated by the Yugoslav Authorities in the Julian March after May 1, 1945: L6-2388 [2009–2012]

> Freedom of Speech and Press, and Its Restriction in Slovenia (1945–1991): J6-0946 [2008–2011]

> Economic Impact on the Political Turning Points in Slovenia from the “Vormaerz” Period till Independence 1991: J6-9566 [2007–2009]

> A Comparative Study of Security System Activities in a Crisis Situation with Regards to the Problem of Fugitives: Hungarian Fugitives after World War II and Especially in the Year 1956/57 in Slovenia: V5-0261 [2006–2008]

> The Question of Humanity with Regards to the Cultural, Scientific, and Social Development of Slovenia, and the Necessity of Humanist Discussion: V6-0278 [2006–2008]

> Evaluation of Investments into Education Capital and the Market of Youth Work Force: V5-0940 [2004–2006]


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