Infrastructure Program

> Institute Nova Revija Center for the Promotion of the Humanities: I0-0036 [2009–2020]

The objectives of the program:

> the ensuring of a productive environment for scientific and research activities;

> the ensuring of interinstitutional and interdisciplinary cooperations;

> the promotion of the results of research activities executed by the INR;

> the promotion of the results of research activities executed by other research organizations in collaboration with the INR;

> the organization of symposia and conferences;

> the publishing activities;

> the support for the international activities of the INR;

> the international activities within the FORhUM.

The scope of the program:

1. The production of scientific and expert works and publishing activities (the preparation of contents and technical processing of materials for the publication in the journal, book and digital editions of the INR), presentation on the websites under the auspices of the INR (e.g.:

2. Organization and technical support for the organizations of meetings, symposia, and conferences.

3. Promotion of the humanities and notification of the public:

> website of the Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities (;

> website of the Journal of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics Phainomena (;

> platform for the promotion, sale, and distribution of book, journal, and digital publications of the INR and collaborating institutions (;

> notification of the public regarding the activities of the INR through media releases;

> notification of target audience through newsletters of the INR.

4. Administrative support of the research program and the research projects executed by the INR (the preparation for applications for national and international calls, record keeping, accounting, etc.).

5. Establishment of the Forum for the Humanities (FORhUM).

6. Project The Potentials of South Eastern Europe, in the framework of which already several international conferences have been organized.

7. Applicative nationally important project in the field of natural and cultural heritage entitled Slovenian Stories – Stories in Motion: the development of mobile and internet applications.

The project will be concluded with the publication of The Atlas of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.

The strategies of the program would like to:

> reach a wider public as well as present and promote the results in field of humanistic research activities executed independently by the INR or in collaboration with related research organizations;

> create a common international space for the presentation of the results of humanistic research available for the broadest public.

The methods of the program:

> the publication of scientific and expert works in printed and digital form;

> the organization of conferences and thematic round table discussions;

> the organization of scientific collaboration with related research institutions;

> the promotion of research results with the use of the media and the internet.


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The websites of the Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities publish information and notifications regarding the activities within the framework of research and infrastructure programs financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).